Rudolf & Vossberg Kompetenzen

Our specialist focus and the many years of experience we have as lawyers specializing in labor and employment law allows us to find individual solutions for our clients that are tailored to the particular situation.

High-quality legal advice driven by specialization.

Our clients include employers, senior managers, management boards, supervisory boards, and executives, but also employees, works councils, and staff councils.

Labor and employment law is a complex legal field that comprises both collective and individual provisions. We believe that high quality legal advice in this field can be provided only when specialized knowledge and expertise is available. Bearing this in mind, we see it as a great advantage that we have represented both employer and employee interests since the law firm was founded. This is beneficial because it means we are well aware of the motivations of the other party in an employment matter. We can use this knowledge profitably when working on a client’s case.

We also believe that it is not just the quality of our work and expertise that matters when working for a client. We also guarantee to provide you with personal support, constant availability, and swift handling of your case, all under a transparent fee structure.

Our skills:

Employment records
  • Employment references
  • Certificates of employment
Civil service law
  • Lawsuits from competitors
  • Secondary employment
  • Retirement
Fixed-term employment law
  • Structure and contents of fixed-term employment contracts
  • Discrimination against fixed-term employees
Changes in operations/restructuring
  • Planning and advice
  • Reconciliations of interests/social compensation plans
  • Transfer companies
  • Notifications of mass redundancy
  • Conciliation committees
Company pensions
  • Advice regarding methods of implementation
  • Insolvency insurance
  • Contributions law for insolvency insurance
  • Company pension adjustments
Transfers of business in accordance with section 613a of the German Civil Code (“Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch”, “BGB”)
  • Avoidance or targeted use of a transfer of business
  • Rights to information and obligations to provide information
  • Employees’ rights of objection
Works constitution law
  • Formation of works councils
  • Election procedures
  • General works councils
  • Group works councils
  • Operating agreements
  • Changes in operations
  • Co-determination in staffing, social, and economic matters
  • Economic committees
Insolvency employment law
International labor and employment law
  • International assignment agreements
  • Social security implications of international assignments
  • Duty of care obligations and fiduciary duties for international assignments
Terminations and contract annulments
  • Terminations on personal, operational or conduct grounds
  • Dismissals with the option of altered conditions of employment
  • Notifications of mass redundancy
  • Terminations by mutual consent
  • Winding-up agreements
Maternity and parental leave
  • Prohibitions of employment
  • Application deadlines
  • Parental leave allowances
  • Part-time employment during parental leave periods
Staff representation law
  • Formation of staff councils
  • Elections of staff councils
  • Grade representation
  • Service agreements
  • Co-determination in staffing and social matters
Caregiver leave
Severely disabled persons law
  • Right of employment for severely disabled persons
  • Protection against discrimination
  • Special termination rights
Collective bargaining law
  • Drafting of collective labor agreements
  • Changes in collective labor agreements
  • Industrial disputes
Part-time employment law
  • Right to part-time employment
  • Organization of working hours
  • Extensions to working hours
  • Discrimination against part-time employees
  • Semi-retirement
Employment law in relation to business transactions
  • Due diligence in relation to labor and employment law
  • Labor and employment law advice when drafting takeover agreements (SPAs/APAs)
Contract drafting
  • Employment agreements
  • Management board contracts
  • Management contracts
  • Company car agreements
  • Reviews of individual contract clauses
  • Amendments to individual contract conditions