• Rechtsanwälte für Arbeitsrecht in Mainz


  • Rechtsanwalt Dr. Klaus Rudolf

    Dr. Klaus Rudolf

  • Rechtsanwalt Dr. Veit Voßberg

    Dr. Veit Voßberg

  • Dr. Inge Rudolf

    Dr. Inge Rudolf

  • RUDOLF & VOSSBERG Rechtsanwälte


Future-focused solutions based on tradition

Our law firm in Mainz has successfully represented employers and employees in all areas of labor and employment law since 1972.

Our Mainz-based lawyers specialize
in labor and employment law and all related practice areas.


We believe that high quality legal advice is possible only when attorneys specialize. This applies not least to the complex and fragmented field of labor and employment law, given its interdependence with other legal fields, particularly social security law.

Our firm’s focus and the many years of experience we have as lawyers specializing in labor and employment law allows us to find individual solutions for our clients that are tailored to the particular situation. We can provide advice before a legal dispute arises and draft contracts in a way that seeks to avoid conflicts.

In out-of-court disputes, we represent our clients in all matters, including in restructuring processes, particularly in negotiations over reconciliations of interests, social compensation plans and other operating agreements and before conciliation committees.

RUDOLF & VOSSBERG has been recognized on multiple occasions by national German daily newspapers and business titles. Most recently, in June 2023, Dr. Voßberg has been ranked by the German business daily Handelsblatt as one of the best attorneys in Germany in the field of labor and employment law and in May 2022, RUDOLF & VOSSBERG was rated as one of Germany’s top law firms in employment law by the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, while Dr. Klaus Rudolf was selected as a leading employment lawyer by the same publication.